Tennessee Promise Program

Last Updated: 8/13/2019 5:56 PM

Tennessee Promise offers two years of tuition-free community or technical college to Tennessee high school graduates beginning with the Class of 2015.

Tennessee Promise is a last-dollar scholarship, meaning it will cover college costs not met from Pell, HOPE, or TSAA.

For more information please visit these sites:


Tennessee Promise

Higher Education Snapshot for Trousdale County

Frequently Asked Questions


Or talk to Jessica Cunningham, High School Guidance Counselor.    jessicacunningham@tcschools.org  





Five steps to receive the Tennessee Promise scholarship:



1. Apply

By November 1:

Apply for the Tennessee Promise scholarship at www.TNPromise.gov. A local partnering organization will contact you to help you complete your Tennessee Promise requirements.



2. File

By February 15:

File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid

(FAFSA) on www.fafsa.gov.



3. Meet

In the Spring:

Meet your college mentor and attend two mandatory meetings held by your local partnering organization.



4. Submit

In the Spring:

Submit a college application and enroll in an eligible college program.



5. Serve


In the Summer:

Complete your first 8 hours of community service.