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Trousdale County Schools Named 2019 Exemplary School District

All Three Schools Achieve Top Reward School Status

For the first time ever, Trousdale County Schools has achieved the designation of Exemplary School District at the time that all of its schools, Trousdale County Elementary, Jim Satterfield Middle and Trousdale County High, achieved Reward School recognition simultaneously. “This is only something that we dream of achieving, stated Director of Schools, Dr. Clint Satterfield. “It is equivalent to an academic grand slam!”


Trousdale County Schools last achieved the highest Exemplary designation in 2012. The high school has been a two-time Reward School winner in 2012 and again in 2014. The elementary school achieved the award in 2013 and the middle school recently received the same award last year in 2018 making Jim Satterfield Middle a repeat recipient. “We have developed a culture of constant school improvement among our students and teachers that has attributed to much of our successes,” stated Jim Satterfield Middle School Principal, Mr. J Brim McCall. When asked what contributed their successes, Elementary School Principal, Demetrice Badru, and High School Principal, Teresa Dickerson, both alluded to a culture of high expectations that seemingly permeate all the schools from top to bottom. Ms. Badru explained that much of her school’s success is also a result of high-quality curriculum, which the school has been implementing over the past three years along with the on-going professional development to support teachers’ utilization of the curriculum.


Trousdale County Schools received a value-added growth score of Level 5 (the highest level) in all three areas of Overall growth, Literacy and Numeracy. All three schools met the school’s chronically out of school absolute achievement goal of 9% or less. Ms. Dickerson stated, “We focused a lot on attendance at the high school, and we have found it to have a more positive impact on student learning than we first predicted.” “These accomplishments mean everything for our students, their families, and our community. Having more students learning at higher levels each year increases their opportunities of postsecondary success after graduation which leads to higher paying jobs and a more robust economy,” stated Satterfield.


“This is definitely a team accomplishment; I can’t say “thank you” enough starting with our Board of Education to our food service staffs. These accomplishments are a result of a lot of intentional hard work for a long period of time.  I think all of these accolades coming at once certainly validates our work,” concluded Dr. Satterfield.




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