Library Skills Practice

Library Skills Practice

Can You Do the Dewey? 

Test your knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System, meet the creator and learn more. 

Dewey Decimal Concentration 

Play concentration by matching the number to the category. 

Reference Skills Game 

Answer questions about where to find particular kinds of information. 

Guide Words to the Stars 

Practice guide word skills by playing this game. 

ABC Order Practice 

Play this game and practice ABC order 

Dewey Decimal Rap 

Learn about the Dewey Decimal System with this hilarious rap video! 

Scholastic Book & Author Videos 

Videos and book trailers for many Scholastic books and authors 

Online Library Learning Center 

How to do research 


Wade through the Web PPT 

Excellent PPT to introduce web searches 


Hints about Print 

Interactive demo about determining if a source is good, worksheet available