Week #2 April 13-17

Choose 1 Library Activity to try this week, OR try a different activity each day!!

Look under Online Reading Resources and Library Skills Practice for other fun reading activities.

Show me what cool reading activities you are doing!! Email me pictures of your reading activities to: kimberlyreynolds@tcschools.org

1. Create a new front cover for your favorite book. 

Girl coloring

2. Design an outfit you think one of the characters in your book would wear.



3. Write a book review about the last book you read.

boy writimg


4. Create a new hero for your book. Write about the new character using as many descriptive words (adjectives) as you can. How does this new hero change the course of the story? 



5. Write a new ending to your favorite book. How would you change it? Would your new ending lend itself to the idea of a sequel or series? Why or why not?