Week #3 April 20-24

Choose 1 Library Activity to try this week, OR try a different activity each day!!

Look under Online Reading Resources and Library Skills Practice for other fun reading activities.

Show me what cool reading activities you are doing!! Email me pictures of your reading activities to: kimberlyreynolds@tcschools.org

1) Begin a journal of your experiences during this time of social distancing. Share not only what you've been doing, but also about your feelings during this time.



2) Write a thank-you letter to our school nurse, resource officer, or custodians for keeping our school healthy, safe, and clean.



3) Watch A Bad Case of Stripes. Write a brief summary, and draw a picture to go with this book. Can you make a text-to-self connection to this book? Can you make a text-to-world connection? If so, how?




4) Practice reading a book aloud three times. Think up some text-dependent questions to go with the book. Then, read the book to  a book to a sibling, and grandparents, or your parent/guardian. Be sure to use expression in your voice as you read. Ask them your text-dependent questions. Go back to the text , and help your listener answer the questions.



5. Student Choice. Come up with a cool activity to showcase what you're reading. It could be a Booktalk, a model of the setting, a book review, illustrations, anything you want. Email a picture of your designs/projects to : kimberlyreynolds@tcschools.org I can't wait to see what y'all come up with this week!! happy