Week #4 April 27th- May 1st

Choose 1 Library Activity to try with a book you’re reading this week, OR try a different activity each day!! smiley

Look under Online Reading Resources and Library Skills Practice for other fun reading activities.

Show me what cool reading activities you are doing!! Email me pictures of your reading activities to: kimberlyreynolds@tcschools.org

                                                      Novel Study Choice Board

Write a poem about two main events in the story.

Pick five vocabulary words you found interesting.  Use them in a different sentence.


Write at least 4 predictions about what you think will happen later in the story (or after the end).  Why do you think these things will happen?

Write an interview for a main character of the book.  Ask at least 5 questions and write the answers to the questions, as the character would respond.

Draw a picture of the main character, and then write ten words that describe the main character.


Pick 5 events.  Write cause and effect statements for those events.


Create a graphic organizer comparing and contrasting two characters in the story.


Compare two settings from the text.


Compare one of the main settings of the story to the setting where you live.


Make connections to the story, including a connection to your life, to another book you have read, and to the real world.


Draw a picture that illustrates the main setting in the story.  Write two sentences that describe the settings.


Suggest a solution to a problem from the text.


Design a comic strip that shows the sequence of events in the story.


Pick a scene that is described in detail in the story.  Draw a detailed picture and then write your own description of what is happening.


Write a test/quiz for the book.  Include 10 questions.  Create an answer key.


Choose a character and imagine you walked into his/her room.  What would you find in their room, and why?