Special Education

The teachers, paraprofessionals, and related services staff of the Special Education Department are committed to meeting the individual needs of our students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment.


Our goal is to provide our students with the educational services and supports they need in order for them to become capable, well-informed citizens who are prepared to succeed in a global economy.


Michelle Woodard, Ph. D.

Supervisor of Special Education
School Psychologist
Office:  (615) 374-2193
Fax:  (615) 374-1108
Email:  michellewoodard@tcschools.org


Our Certified Staff 2015-16
Leah Leonard, TCES, Preschool CDC
Nancy Bybee, TCES, Special Education Kindergarten-1st-2nd Grade
Virginia Cothron, TCES, Special Education 3rd Grade
Marie Hankins, TCES, Special Education 4th Grade
Amy Brown, TCES, Special Education 5th Grade
Brenda Forgione, TCES, Special Education CDC
Lindsi Dies, JSMS, Special Education 6-8

Melissa Loerch, JSMS, Special Education 6-8
Bridget Gregory, JSMS, Special Education 6-8
Travis Humes, TCHS, Special Education 9-12
Kim Knapp, TCHS, Special Education 9-12
Julie Stafford, TCHS, Special Education 9-12
Kim Hickman, TCHS, Special Education CDC
Sandra Winfree, System-Wide, Speech-Language Teacher
Michelle Woodard, System-Wide, School Psychologist


Our Paraprofessionals 2015-16
Tammy Jackson, TCES
Sarah Baldwin, TCES
Jennifer Moore, TCES
Cameron Reid, TCES
Chrissy Denham, TCES
Donna Burris, TCES
Cathy Kelley, TCHS
Virginia Duncan, TCHS
Janice Young, TCHS
Kandy Woodall, TCHS




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