Mrs. Ewen’s, 6th Grade Ma+h

Course Outline

   Welcome to 6th Grade Math! This website contains very important information that you will need to know, in order to have a successful year; but before we get into all of that, let me start by telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Ashley Ewen. Ten years ago,I married my best friend and we have one pretty awesome kid. When it comes to teaching, I may be the biggest math nerd you will ever meet! I LOVE MATH!!! Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. I began tutoring others when I was only 10, and my passion has grown ever since. Needless to say, I love my job and my school. I received my Bachelor of Education from Tennessee State University, and this will be my 7th year teaching. I am very excited to be a part of such an amazing school district, and I look forward to another great school year here at JSMS!

What you need to know:

Classroom Expectations:

*    Be Prepared: Come to class with all supplies and assignments.

*    Be Polite: Demonstrate respect for your teachers, classmates, and environment 

*    Be Prompt: Arrive to class and school on time.

*    Be Patient: Raise your hand to be called on. 

*    Be Productive: Finish all assignments on or before due dates


Necessary Daily Materials:

*    Pencils and Erasers ( Absolutely NO pens)

*    Your composition "note" book

*    Completed Homework Assignments

*    Vocabulary Folder

*   Calculator (stored in classroom)


You will need a composition notebook to use ONLY in MATH! We will use this for taking notes. Please do NOT use this notebook for any other drawing or writing. DO NOT TEAR ANY PAGES OUT!



Our classroom is equipped with 2 tablets, 35 chromebooks, an ELMO,  and a projector. Additionally, our school is equipped with not 1, but 3 computer labs, and  two 3-D printers. All this technology provides an energizing and exciting approach to teaching and learning in all subjects, but it is especially helpful in math.



Daily Class Routine:

*    Come in calmly.

*     Sign In

*    Sharpen your pencil

*    The go DIRECTLY to your seat

*    Take out your homework (when applicable)

*    Get out your necessary supplies & begin your bell work.

*    We will quickly go over the bell work and I will grade it occasionally, be sure to participate!

*    Next, we will check and go over homework, take notes, and practice daily skills.




Each day when you enter class, you will have a word problem I like to call this our “POD”. That's short for “Problem of the Day” All POD questions will be 5th or 6th grade word problems that students will have some prior knowledge of. The POD is QUICK! (Maybe 10 minutes!) If your solution is incorrect, you must make corrections when we go over it. Reviewing previously learned skills will help you remember how to solve the problems and maintain those math skills! I will grade it occasionally, so make sure you participate.


Notes and Vocabulary

During class each day, you will write notes from the lesson. (Don't worry, I'll tell what you need to write down until you are used to it!) Your notes will be in order and will need to be kept in your math compbook for reference. Additionally, each Monday you will be given a list of vocabulary terms and definitions. These are to be kept in your vocabulary folder. Your vocabulary retention will be tested weekly.



Each Monday, before you begin your POD, you will need to write down the homework assignments for the entire week in your agenda. Math is not a “spectator sport.” That means you can't just sit back and watch me or your classmates work the problems...

YOU have to DO math to LEARN math!


You will have homework Monday and Tuesday only. This means each assignment will count for 50 points of your weekly grade. You will only have a few problems to do, and I expect for you to do ALL of them. However, I do NOT want you to spend more than 30 minutes on your math homework!!!! In cases where you have earnestly tried each problem, referenced your notes, gotten help from a parent, and/or used the student resource links, and you still just can't get it, you have my permission to put your homework away for the night. However, you are expected to COME SEE ME BEFORE SCHOOL the next morning! I do not want anyone stressed out about math homework. I get to school early each morning, and I even offer tutoring from 7:30-7:45am.

***All math work must be done in PENCIL. ***


You will follow this format for each homework assignment:

*    Label your paper with your Name, date, class, and page number.

*    You MUST write EACH problem (unless it is a word problem)

*    You MUST show of ALL your work for each problem.

*    You MUST CIRCLE your final answer

Missing Something? Papers with NO NAME will be THROWN IN THE TRASH!!!!!



I give 2 grades per week: Homework and Weekly Assessment

Your homework grade will be composed of the 2 weekly assignments (50 points each).

All students will receive a homework pass each semester. These are for those EMERGENCIES we all have from time to time. However, they are your responsibility to keep up with and to use WISELY!! Passes count exactly the same as turning one homework assignment.

         Continuous Incomplete/No Homework will NOT be tolerated!

Lunch detention will be assigned for not having homework, followed up with a parent phone call. Repeat offenses with receive an office referral for after school detention.



           If you have an excused absent, you will have the same number of days as the number of days you missed, make up any missing assignments. For example: If you miss one day, you will have one day to make up missing assignments. Unexcused absence will result is a 0 for any missing assignments.


The day you return,

1.) Copy the lesson notes from a study buddy

2.) Check the “We Missed You” folder for any worksheets/handouts

3.) Watch the associated video link(s). These can be found on our web page, by clicking the Student Resources tab

4) Study your notes and do the homework for each missed lesson.

5) If you are absent on a Monday, be sure to write the homework assignments for the week and important dates in your agenda.

If you miss a lesson and do not understand it, it is your responsibility to seek help.


Online Resources:

  • Will be your greatest resource throughout the year. The main website is where you will find updates and reminders about our school and our district.
  • Our class page ( is especially designed so your parents will know what we are up to! I will update this website weekly with info such as: weekly lesson plans, homework assignments, upcoming test/project due dates, and student resource links (step by step videos, topic explanations, a math dictionary, interactive games, etc.…)


  • is our system wide online grading system. This site gives parents the ability to monitor their child’s academic progress on a weekly basis. Every student has his/her own unique username and password, which allows you and your child to access grades, schedules, attendance records, and assignments.

Please feel free to email me with any additional questions you may have.





Classroom Rules 

1. Be prepared for class and ready to work.

2. Be respectful of yourself and others at all times.

3. Stay on task.

4. Stay in your seat at all times, unless instructed to do otherwise by the teacher or you have been given permission to be out of your seat.


Expectations for Note-Taking

1. Write down all important points and topics and keep up with the class.

2. Raise your hand to ask a question, share an answer, or comment on the topic.

3. Ask questions pertaining to the lesson.

4. ONLY speak when you are called on by the teacher or when you are instructed to discuss a topic with a partner or group.

5. Be in your seat at all times UNLESS instructed to do otherwise by the teacher.


* No one will be allowed to leave the room during note taking unless it is an emergency



Expectations for Entering the Room

1. Calmly enter the room.

2. Check In

3. Sharpen your pencil

4. Place your homework on your desk.

5. IMMEDIATELY sit down with your learning group (lab) or in your assigned seat (lecture).

6. Get out the supplies you will need during class (math compbook, vocabulary folder, textbook, and a pencil)

7. Begin working on the Bell Ringer.


Expectations for Exiting the Room

1. Return any supplies or materials to the proper place.

2. Clean-up work area and throw all trash away.

3. Quietly wait to be dismissed by the teacher (The bell does not dismiss you, I do.)


Expectation for Test Taking

1. Be quiet and respectful to others.

2. Keep your eyes on your own paper.

3. Read each question thoroughly.

4. Use time wisely.

5. Always do your BEST!


* No one will be allowed to leave the room during a test unless it is an emergency.


*Please do not ask to go to the restroom during notes, directions, tests, or quizzes. You may ask to use the restroom during individual or group work time.


If you choose poorly or fail to meet my expectations,

you are choosing to accept the following consequences…


1. Redirection #1- Verbal Warning

2. Redirection #2- Alternative Assignment of the Teacher’s Choice

3. Redirection #3- Parent call and lunch detention

4. Redirection #4- Office Referral