Expectations of ALL P.E. Students

1. Be Prepared: Athletic attire is a requirement.  Having shorts/sweats, t-shirt/sweat-top, and tennis shoes is non-negotiable! These are your class tools.

2. SAFETY is our #1 Priority!  Making sure yourself and classmates are helped and in a safe environment should always be of highest importance.

3.  Being Respectful and Polite to each member of your group.  Nothing else but being invested in helping each other will be tolerated. 

4.  Give your best effort to become a better athlete and person EVERYDAY!  No days off!  You are either getting better or you are getting worse.  

5. No fear of failing or losing.  Fall down....Get up!  Lose.....Try again!  Right foot, Left foot, Breathe........Repeat! - Coach Pat Summit