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I am curious if there is access to a teacher? Is this homeschooling with TCS getting credit still for student numbers?

  • For grades K-5, students will have direct access to a teacher. For grades 6-12 teachers will be connected by online videos that are mostly recorded and available on demand. There will be some face to face interaction with the teacher and students at school through google meet. However, at this time we are uncertain about the time schedule. Virtual school is not homeschooling. Parents pay for and are responsible for homeschooling. Virtual school students will be enrolled in the school district just like students who attend face to face.

    It is important to note that through the virtual school, students will have access to Trousdale teachers and our aligned curriculum.


Trousdale county schools we need more information on how this will be ran before we can consider signing up. Is it video classrooms, is it email work to there teachers? Do they also get virtual textbooks or do we have to pay for those? Who do we call with issues? How do we check grades to make sure they are doing okay with this type of learning? I have sooooo many questions. Is there a link for it that is not to sign up to learn more?

  • See above for questions pertaining to structure/organization. The virtual school is a new venue for us; however, we will use both face to face through google meet and video instruction with students depending on the grade span with K-5 being different than 6-12. The district will provide any instructional materials such as textbooks that in person students would receive. Parents only have to furnish a computer, printer, and Internet access. Grades will be in PowerSchool Parent Portal as with all students. Presently, we do not have any more information than has been provided. More information will be forthcoming. Please note that we are trying to gauge interest; you may withdraw your application prior to July 30 should you decide to go with another option.


I’d like to see some information on how this works, what learning program or if is it teacher resourced. Really not ready to send them back but definitely need more “learning” than happened at the end of school last year.

  • As stated above, students will have access to Trousdale teachers and the district curriculum.  Students will use the learning management platform, Google Classroom, that all 3-12 students will utilize.


Do we have to have our own computer or can we check out the Chromebooks they offer?

  • State Board Policy requires that families provide their own computer, printer, and Internet access.


What about parents who wish to opt out of sending their children to school, but lack access to internet, PC, and/or printer?

  • State Board Policy requires that families provide their own computer, printer, and Internet access. Parents wishing to opt out of sending students to school still have the option of homeschooling.


Are the children going to be required to be in front of a computer screen for 6.5 hours everyday or will I be able to print off work for him to complete during the day while I am working and do the online portions during the evening hours?

  • State Board Policy requires that virtual school students attend school for 180 days for 6.5 hours per day. There will be a student schedule that will include lunch, recess, related arts, etc. So, no, students will not have to be “in front” of a computer 6.5 hours per day but will have to have a structured daily schedule.


Something I have not seen on the website yet, how will it be expected that multi child households will manage the virtual schooling hours? I have 4 children, in each of the three schools. If I have a single computer, will they be able to each do the required learning? As there appears to be a schedule of some kind, how is that managed? It's obviously not a reasonable request to only keep one child in virtual learning, neither would it be that each child have his or her own PC.

  • It is most desirable for virtual school lessons to be synchronous (live and in person) however, the goal is to have each lesson video archived so that parents could use the lesson(s) on demand. Please understand that there is a lot of teacher discretion about setting the learning schedule from 7:45 am. – 2:45 pm., noting that there will not be any live lessons beyond the teacher’s hours of 2:45 pm. Therefore, parents may experience difficulty balancing when each child can participate in a live lesson and by a recording. It would then be at the parent’s discretion about how the instructional day (6.5 hours required by the State Board of Education) would be met.


If they commit to the virtual option is this a per 9 wk option or for the complete school year?

  • Actually, it is by semester. Parents may return to the hybrid model at anytime. However, parents choosing the hybrid model could only join the virtual school model at the beginning of the second semester.


If a parent doesn't have access to these does kid have to go to school? or what options?

  • Compulsory education laws require that parents provide an education for all legal dependents between the ages of 7 through 17. Presently, parents would have in person school, virtual school, or homeschool options. Homeschool applications must be made to Jennifer Cothron, Homeschool Coordinator by July 30, 2020.


What if the student has an IEP? Can they attend virtual school and how will that work?

  • Yes. The school will work to meet the provisions in the student’s IEP.


If our kids go virtually. I know they need a laptop and printer but do they need other school supplies?

  • Since virtual school students are learning at home it would be a parent decision about what additional supplies are needed such as notebooks, paper, printer paper, toner, pencils, thumb drives, etc. All assignments will be submitted through Google Classroom.

Can my student participate in sports if they are enrolled in the virtual school?

  • Yes


What will virtual school instruction look like? Will students have access to pre-recorded or live lectures from a Trousdale County teacher?

  • An individual teacher will be assigned to virtual students in grades K-5. The teacher will be responsible for the instruction of all four content areas of Reading, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science just like a self-contained classroom. For grades 6-12, the Principal will assign students to a content classroom and provide the student with time(s) for which such classes will be provided. The goal is a student will have at least one live synchronous (digital face to face) lesson per day. However, the teacher will record all lessons so that parents and students can review previous lessons on demand. The teacher may also utilize other curriculum aligned instructional video lessons. 


What are the requirements for virtual learning?

  • Trousdale County virtual school is established in accordance with rules and regulations set forth in Tennessee Code Annotated and the Tennessee State Board of Education. Key components require parents to have the necessary computer and printer as well as Internet access. Students are ineligible for virtual school if the home does not meet all three requirements. Additionally, students must participate in all state assessments and must attend school for 7 hours per day for 180 instructional days. Students may return to face to face instruction at any time during the school year.


When is the deadline for virtual school enrollment?

  • July 17, 2020 for the first semester. The district will offer another enrollment period for the second semester sometime in December. Please be mindful that students can return to face to face (in person learning) at any time in the semester. However, enrollment into the virtual school is a semester by semester choice.


For more questions please call Trousdale County Board of Education at 615.374.2193.

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